GG Music and Audio

Music Producer/Songwriter/Musician/Sound Engineer

GG Music and Audio first worked professionally within the music business at the age of thirteen, playing with live bands as a bass guitarist. Throughout his teens and early twenties, Guy went on to become an acclaimed songwriter, penning his first Top 40 single at the age of Eighteen, sign recording and publishing deals, receive radio airplay on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2, make records at EMI Studios including Abbey Road, tour the UK, and receive reviews in various publications, including a 4/5 star album review from Q Magazine.

Guy worked closely with music producers as a young musician and songwriter, and soon developed an understanding of a producer’s role within the recording process. By his early twenties, Guy was co-producing his band’s records, involving himself in every stage of recordings, from pre-production in the rehearsal studio, through to the finishing touches in London mastering suites.

Having gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, and after deciding to focus his career on production and song writing, Guy was soon being asked to produce records for other artists and bands. Soon realising that not all clients could afford to make their records in expensive London recording studios, Guy decided to set up his own, cost-effective production company in Hampshire. Guy now works from a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility, and produces work for every aspect of the music and audio business.

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