Creative Commercial Audio Recordings

Cost-effective audio recording & production

We provide cost-effective custom soundtrack music and voice overs.

Working closely with the client, we produce a unique piece of work, developed specifically for the project.

Bespoke soundtrack music, and voice overs for:

  • Film
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Companies
  • Special Occasions

Project Case Studies

Sample TV Soundtrack

Project Brief

To write and produce a song for film, television, and advertising, that is high energy and in the genre of rock. Lyrics to be philosophical. Versions with, and without vocals.


Produce a song that is similar in sound to current rock acts, such as Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon. Write lyrics to involve the subjects love and death.

Sample Film Soundtrack

Project Brief:

To write and produce a song for film and television sync, that stirs up feelings of love, journey and nostalgia.


Produce a singer/songwriter style song, with a clear and heartfelt vocal. Co-write with young singer/songwriter Ben Hood.

Portsmouth City Radio Advert

Project Brief:

To create an advert, attracting tourists, and day trippers, to the city of Portsmouth.


To accompany the voice with audio that gives a strong impression of the city’s attractions, creating a visual perception for the listener